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I will Challenge

I will challenge anyone who interacts with speech-impaired people. I’m speech- impaired : I have a strategy for communication.
What’s yours?
Following the Francis report, and many others, the strong emphasis on dignity and respect, person-centred care, the 6Cs et al, make this totally relevant to all health professionals. However, it extends powerfully into wider social care as well as the world of education. Click to see sample slides and video.

I will Coach

I will coach anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills and public speaking. We can do this as a short series of 2 hour workshops (preferred option), 2 x 1⁄2 day sessions or whole day (least preferred option, as my voice runs out). Whichever one you choose, it will turn your public speaking inside out (in a good way). I have an innovative but simple concept (look here) which looks at the component parts of a speech or presentation, and puts them together to make something powerful. You’ll get a superb mix of theory and practical training within a non-threatening and enjoyable environment – no more than 6 people. Come on readers – young, old or somewhere in between – this is a chance to face your fears and overcome them, to tackle possibly the hardest area of self improvement and see the difference, and to open new doors of opportunity.

I will Inspire

Let me tell you about keeping going when things get unbelievably tough; allow me to explain how I fought, and am still fighting, with disability (speech, eyesight and swallow); permit me to speak about facing your fears and pushing through them. This is reality, truth and purpose spoken by someone who had a successful first career and an exhilarating vision about the future before cancer and lasting side-effects turned it upside down and inside out. I have some great messages for the NHS from my own perspective with a unique “Patient Voice”. And with a voice like that, it’s either ridiculous or inspirational – can I do it? Check out some recent testimonials here.

Passionate about communication – Challenge – Coach- Inspire