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Promise for 2014

S’pose I’d better pop one on the site before 2013 runs out, I know how many of you are waiting eagerly for a nougat of wisdom (a very small number). I ought to do this properly with a grown up blog page that alerts and accepts comments – in fact, as I type, I’ve decided to set that as a 2014 task, so standby. Anyway, gentle readers, my wisdom soundbite accumulated through giving the same presentation nearly 20 times about communicating with the speech-impaired, is as follows:

    • when I delivered my award winning speech in the 2010 uk final (check out video ) I thought I was a good communicator; actually, I wasn’t – I was a good speaker. Communication is 2-way, and involves so much more than opening your mouth and uttering noise.
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  1. Iain, I appreciated your comment about the difference between being a good speaker, and a good communicator!

  2. After much discussion, the moderation committee has great delight in approving this first external comment. Well done! (thanks Mum)

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