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A Vision Reborn

On Saturday night (26 April 2014) the vision for my future career completed its resurrection process: I gave my first ‘inspirational speech’ since my speech impairment began. The event was a wonderful dinner in Bishop’s Waltham, Hampshire, raising funds for St Peter’s Church – a beautiful, classic English building. Around 60 guests had the delight of listening to me talk about my experiences and lessons I’ve learnt which might be relevant for others. I say delight, because that’s exactly what it was for me! You see, the life vision I’d had about public speaking, disappeared while I underwent cancer treatment, and then died as the side effects emerged. How could I have any sort of career in public speaking, whether coaching or actually doing it, with a voice like mine? But over the past 2 years, the combined support of my family, my friends, and my faith, have lifted me to the place where I’ve given many presentations about speech impairment, run coaching workshops, and NOW, incredibly, delivered an after dinner speech to a group of people who had never met me. Even more incredible, they applauded. Sincerely and enthusiastically. A once-dead, lifeless vision, completed its process of rebirth.

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  1. Knowing Iain for many years, I knew that with his characteristic courage and determination, he would, if at all possible, deliver a high impact speech at the Friends of St Peter’s (Bishops Waltham) St Georges Dinner on 26 April. Iain did not disappoint anyone, quite the contrary; his talk was superb and really struck home with his straight forward and humorous style. He showed how he could clearly help others who have suffered in a similar way. The applause Iain received was most certainly sincere and enthusiastic and I am very grateful for his support to FOSP.
    Rod Passingham
    FOSP Chairman
    28 April 2014

  2. Hi Iain,

    i am a friend of Sally Arnott and was at the St George’s day dinner on Saturday night. I was trained as an Actor originally, many eons ago and have myself delivered several speeches, hosted events, been a compere at awards ceremonies and latterly in my corporate career given presentations and (sadly) had to listen to many presentations …. very poorly given.
    I was so impressed by you. The presentation you delivered was funny, honest without being self-serving, and encouraging to others that not only can one survive cancer but any illness with serious side/after effects.
    It was indeed inspiring to listen to you. That phrase is used perhaps a bit too often these days. In your case it is valid.
    We all have our own problems and perhaps sometimes we think they are insurmountable. Your presentation because it was so personal serves as a reality check, and also to think beyond the here and now.
    I hope you go on to do more motivational speaking and in time to branch into topics that perhaps you originally wanted to speak on as you gain confidence and see that the applause means that people are really happy to listen to you. All the best, Suzie

  3. Thrilled to hea about your after dinner speech and to read your blog and see that your dream is alive again. Looking forward to hearing what you get up to next!

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