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Tandem Ride to Heaven

Last Friday, my daughter drove me to Brighton so that I could go on a tandem ride. I haven’t been on a bike for over 3 years, so this was exciting stuff. One of the staff (great guy called Steve) from Blind Veterans UK charity (formerly St Dunstans)   was prepared to to do this for me.  So we met, he said a few things, including ‘trust me’ and we set off. Due to my eyesight the only place for me was on the back seat and as we headed down the hill I understood what he meant by ‘trust me’. I was terrified  – I had no control whatsoever,  I was totally in the hands of the man in front who I had only just met. “I don’t like this, why did I ever suggest it?”, I was thinking, “I can’t see much at the best of times, and all I can see now is a pair of broad shoulders”. We were travelling fast, and I may have mentioned something unhelpful to my driver, to which he said again, “you’ve got to trust me!”.

Little by little I began to relax, and a thought popped into my tiny mind for a brief visit. “This is like your life – not much control left, so just hold on, look at my shoulders, and pedal. Trust me”.

God, my Father in heaven, in whom I place my disabled life, was using this experience to break through to one of His sons.


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  1. Fantastic Iain! What a message for us all. MHU

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