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Long time waiting; worth it though?

You have not heard from me for a while, and I  apologise with extravagant profuseness, as I know how many there are who sit expectantly awaiting wisdom, wit and something else starting with ‘w’ (need to work on that…). Ideas on a reply post? Well, here is my inaugural 2015 effort:

I am making very slow, sure and  steady-ish progress in so many areas – emotional, spiritual, physical, business, fun (is this allowed?), as well as broadening my horizons. One of the most exciting moments was working with Angela Rippon as she graciously came to advise 3 injured/disabled Navy/Royal Marines on public speaking. So good, an absolute professional but compassionate with it. That morning gave me such confidence as Angela was actually impressed with both the message and the messenger.

More excitement is my decision to invest in this website, to add some professional input so it does not look quite so home-made. Standby for that, work is in progress. Anyway, that’s my post done, took me a while to remember how to do it, and a bit short on wit and wisdom, but perhaps laced with that unknown ‘w’.

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  1. Hi Iain,

    Great writing and good use of wit! I sat across the carriage from Angela Rippon on a train from Euston to Manchester about 18 months ago. She still talks about it apparently……

  2. Iain
    Great blog, ok, not half bad.
    Angela Rippon has gone up in my estimations, coming from an industry which is obsessed with image and impact.
    For her to be able to acknowledge the cost, courage and commitment is good in my book.
    And I’m guessing that when she was meeting you, if she didn’t think ‘what would I do if that happened to me and how would I cope’.… (a moment to evaluate that cost) I would be very surprised.

  3. Thanks for the your blog – your honesty is really inspiring. I am a great one for having fabulous ideas and not following through with them. You have encouraged me to keep on pressing some of these forward.

  4. I like the new Logo Iain,
    Very eye catching!

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