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Iain Upton


My name is Iain Upton and I am passionate about communication. I have learnt some hard lessons over the past 30 years and I want to share them with you in an easy to understand, interactive and enjoyable way. But I can’t do this totally through a website: it has to be face-to-face so email me and make contact.
In recent years, I’ve had some fun coming to terms with a significant speech impairment from the side effects of throat cancer and its treatment. Read my profile here to see where I’ve come from (Naval Officer, prize winning public speaker etc) and you might understand a little of that fun, but watch these 2 clips below and you will get it immediately:

The first is me coming 3rd in 2010 UK and Ireland Final of an Inspirational Speech Competition.
The second is me speaking at my daughter’s wedding earlier in 2013. Just an extract, but long enough I hope to tune in to my new speaking style – listen to it again and it will get clearer, honest. It normally takes about 5 minutes before someone who doesn’t know me is fully tuned in.

The difference is in-your-face obvious, and yet I think the wedding speech was better!
My bottom line is, if I can still communicate, speak in public and be heard and understood, anyone can, including you!