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Here’s what others are saying:

 thank you for your superb contribution at last Thursday’s EMAHSN East Midlands Innovation in Healthcare Awards. It was a wonderful occasion with a real sense of energy and you played a central role in making the event such a success.

Your talk was incredibly moving and perfectly captured the spirit of innovation, achievement, dedication, perseverance – and it was delivered with a wicked sense of humour!….You came across as a confident, passionate and experienced public speaker, and all of the feedback received has been wholly positive and enthusiastic.

Professor Rachel Munton

Managing Director East Midlands Academic Health Science Network

November 15

…. thank you very much indeed for coming to Brighton and giving such an exceptional speech. Never before has a speaker received a standing ovation – you were magnificent (ASPiH Annual Conference)

Carrie Hamilton

Simulated Patient LeadUniversity Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

November 15

Articulate, funny and a natural performer, Iain Upton is clearly in his element talking to a room full of people…..(read the rest of the article here)

– Portsmouth News,
1 October 2013.

You are really talented and although your illness was the cruellest challenge to your ambition, you seriously know how to overcome it! You are a star and I am in awe of your determination and stamina.

– Rear Admiral Malcolm Cree, Royal Navy
Chief of Staff (Integrated Change Programme) at Royal Navy Command HQ

“This is the best lecture we have had in the whole course.”

“This reminded me why I decided to do this course. I’m feeling really positive and excited about being a Speech and Language Therapist one day.”

“Iain was so honest, he just said it like it was. It made me think that lots of patients probably feel the same way and might not say it. I’ll be aware of that in future.”

“You can read about these things in a textbook but it doesn’t mean anything until you hear it straight from someone who has been through it.”

Students at University of Portsmouth

So glad I attended the public speaking training.
This course provided a comprehensive examination of the skills needed for successful public speaking.
It covered common pitfalls, body language, tone, choice of words, use of pause, timing, humour and many other key elements.

There was no hiding place on the course, as delegates practised their public speaking skills in front of their peers.
Existing qualities and skills reinforced and encouraged.
Blind spots exposed honestly but gently.

Easy? No.
Worth it? Absolutely.
Cannot recommend it enough to anyone who struggles with public speaking (and also those who find it easy. Blind spots are, after all, blind!).

– Jonathan Bunday
Training Consultant, Clarity Training

I can strongly recommend Iain as an outstanding speaker. It has been my great pleasure and privilege to work with Iain recently, facilitating Communication Skills training for medical students; and Iain has literally had students queuing up to thank him for sharing his insights, wisdom, strategies and personal experiences.

Iain’s is an important message and he delivers it exceptionally well, with frankness, openness, humility – and humour. If you are interested in booking a speaker who will challenge your audience and leave them motivated to communicate in ways which honour the dignity and respect of all they come into contact with, you could do no better than hire this truly motivational speaker.

– John Perry, MA, MA, MA, MA, FHEA,
Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication, the University of Southampton.

The public speaking workshop helped me feel more confident in planning and carrying out a presentation – it now is a lot less scary when having to stand and talk in front of people. I have a better understanding of how to plan and prepare for speaking in public and a raft of useful tips which are easy to remember and apply.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is nervous about public speaking – it worked!

– Gillian Warnock
Senior Specialist Social Worker/Team Manager
The Rowans Hospice