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Coaching Public Speaking – how does it work?

 I’m an engineer by background, systems engineer more specifically, and I like a simple diagram to explore concepts. These slides build my ‘architectural framework’  for public speaking. A speech, in its most basic form, has an outside and an inside.So simple, even an engineer can understand (see if recent delegates could understand it).

 But, it doesn’t stop there: the inside and the outside mean something – they refer to the message and the messenger. That life-changing message you have inside, has to emerge through the messenger. Or in other words, what you have to say is brought to life (or otherwise!) by how you actually say it.


Every speech looks like that – good, bad or indifferent. To make it a great speech or presentation, we need to incorporate a range of 6 essential characteristics, and in the workshop we’ll explore these 6 elements.


We don’t just deal with theory; interspersed through the whole workshops, we’ll enjoy a variety of practical exercises, designed to put that theory into practive immediately.


It’s a winning combination – learning, practising, in a relaxed, encouraging and yet challenging environment.