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‘Challenge Presentation’ Testimonials

Here’s what others are saying about the Challenge Presentation they attended:

“I just wanted to express how grateful I am that you arranged for Iain to come and speak to us today about speech impairments. Over the year and a half I have studied, this lecture has by far had the biggest impact upon me and I am inspired by him.”

Student at University of Surrey Jan 16


“This is the best lecture we have had in the whole course.”

“This reminded me why I decided to do this course. I’m feeling really positive and excited about being a Speech and Language Therapist one day.”

“Iain was so honest, he just said it like it was. It made me think that lots of patients probably feel the same way and might not say it. I’ll be aware of that in future.”

“You can read about these things in a textbook but it doesn’t mean anything until you hear it straight from someone who has been through it.”

Students at University of Portsmouth

I can strongly recommend Iain as an outstanding speaker. It has been my great pleasure and privilege to work with Iain recently, facilitating Communication Skills training for medical students; and Iain has literally had students queuing up to thank him for sharing his insights, wisdom, strategies and personal experiences.

Iain’s is an important message and he delivers it exceptionally well, with frankness, openness, humility – and humour. If you are interested in booking a speaker who will challenge your audience and leave them motivated to communicate in ways which honour the dignity and respect of all they come into contact with, you could do no better than hire this truly motivational speaker.

– John Perry, MA, MA, MA, MA, FHEA,
Principal Teaching Fellow in Healthcare Communication, the University of Southampton.

 Iain’s contribution to our Foundation Degree in Speech, Language and Communication Science has been one of the most valuable learning experiences we have offered our students. Iain’s candid, insightful and humorous approach established a sense of openness in the group, which allowed for interactive discussion and a very effective learning environment.

The students felt comfortable asking Iain about his experiences of communication changes and he challenged them to reflect on their own communication skills and come up with strategies for enhancing their interactions. The students have consistently referred back to Iain’s session during subsequent lectures, demonstrating the impact his teaching had on them and the generalisable knowledge and skills he instilled. I am enormously appreciative of Iain’s contribution to our programme and look forward to working with him more in future.

– Dr Emma Fitzpatrick, Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy,
School of Health Sciences and Social Work, University of Portsmouth.

The audience was enthralled and listened responsively to his speech which touched on the social, emotional and technical aspects of Mr Upton’s experience. Iain conveyed clearly how he has coped with his difficulties
and how he is continuing to find strategies to ensure that his voice is heard.

I would recommend Iain Upton as a speaker to a wide audience. He speaks about a specific subject,
however, his approach is motivational and inspiring for all.

– Simon Rosenburg, Headteacher,
John Chilton School.