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Workshop Testimonials


Here’s what others are saying:

So glad I attended the public speaking training.
This course provided a comprehensive examination of the skills needed for successful public speaking.
It covered common pitfalls, body language, tone, choice of words, use of pause, timing, humour and many other key elements.

There was no hiding place on the course, as delegates practised their public speaking skills in front of their peers.
Existing qualities and skills reinforced and encouraged.
Blind spots exposed honestly but gently.

Easy? No.
Worth it? Absolutely.
Cannot recommend it enough to anyone who struggles with public speaking (and also those who find it easy. Blind spots are, after all, blind!).

– Jonathan Bunday
Training Consultant, Clarity Training

The public speaking workshop helped me feel more confident in planning and carrying out a presentation – it now is a lot less scary when having to stand and talk in front of people. I have a better understanding of how to plan and prepare for speaking in public and a raft of useful tips which are easy to remember and apply.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is nervous about public speaking – it worked!

– Gillian Warnock
Senior Specialist Social Worker/Team Manager
The Rowans Hospice